Our Team

Anton Larosa- CEO- Founder

Anton Larosa "Andrew" founded "Anton Larosa in 2017. Originaly from the Phillippines, Andrew began sewing several years ago to inspire himself and make his inner beauty shine. He likes to focus on women's clothing. While designing Andrew also plays piano and viola to help inspire his creativity. Roses are his favorite flower for its beauty and empowerment it gives. He strives to empower men and women to show their inner beauty and strength. 

"Dream and then make it happen" -Anton

Daustin Harvey- COO- Cofounder

Daustin Harvey "Dean RIno" is a Colorado Native and joined forces with Anton in 2017. Daustin currently models and acts full time while handling operations of Anton Larosa. Both see the beauty of empowering men and women of their inner strength and beauty. Daustin strives to make the world better whenever possible, and loves to show that in the designs as well.