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A Taste of Brooklyn


Alyssa Oharold

Ana Aranda

Carlos Silva

Cat Chorney

Garrett Augustus

Jenna Wesson

Raudel Dominiguez

ShaLin Tsuchiya

Shayla Rodgers

Tatyanatia Rivera 

Photography:Cos T Lindstrom

Nino SIlva

Sean Marquette Photography

Thank you to @nuemagazine and Mirus Art Gallery for hosting

Womens clothes and dresses from fashion designer Anton Larosa in "A Taste of Brookyln" themed show.

Night in Paris

Models: Tessa McFunk, Shayla Rodgers, Marina Rychlarch, Daustin Harvey, Sabrina Gurde,  Jenna Wessan, AnQuanette Murray, Monica Lee

Photographer: https://www.kevmkphotography.com/

HMU:Paul Mitchell 

Circus Night


Anquanette Murray

chantel barrett

emily adkins

isaih ozeta

jenna wesson

monica lee

sabrina rule

suzanne simone


Kev MK Photography

LAB Photography

Sean Marquantte Photography


Paul Mitchel Institute

Special thanks

Jana Smith


Stacey James Institute